Through a partnership with Healthy Neighborhoods, Inc. and Druid Heights Community Development Corporation, we are working toward eliminating the last concentration of vacant house blight in Reservoir Hill.  Healthy Neighborhoods is investing $2.5 million in the initiative. Most of the funding comes from the proceeds of the sale of formerly vacant and foreclosed houses, redeveloped and sold under Neighborhood Stabilization Program – 2 funding managed by Healthy Neighborhoods. 

Druid Heights CDC is renovating at least eight vacant houses on what was a beautiful, historic block of Callow Avenue in the heart of Reservoir Hill. Renderings of what the redeveloped Callow Avenue houses will look like were created by SM+P Associates. To see the renderings and most recent info on the project, click on Renderings for Callow Avenue.

The eight properties on the 2200 block of Callow Avenue that are the focus of this initiative are 2215, 2216, 2218, 2220, 2223, 2224, 2225, 2229 Callow Avenue.

Druid Heights CDC & SM+P Architects are working closely with Baltimore City Commission for Historical & Architectural Preservation (CHAP) to ensure proper historic preservation approaches and details.  The partners are working with four different models for interior space planning, including a two—dwelling unit plan. Highlights of the designs include: The full existing foot print of each house is being maintained.  Each will be Energy Star Qualified new homes.  The site plans will minimize impervious material providing garden and lawn spaces where possible.  The house designs are making generous use of natural lighting. 

For more information on the project, or to convey your thoughts and ideas, please contact Carl Cleary in the RHIC office: 410.225.7547;