Baltimore Community Foundation Target Neighborhood Initiative

The Target Neighborhood Initiative is an extension of Baltimore Community Foundation’s (BCF) strategy to invest in “middle neighborhoods,” neighborhoods with underlying strengths but that have been historically undervalued—many of which are now retaining and attracting new residents and serving as critical regional building blocks.

Reservoir Hill Improvement Council was selected to be one of two initial target neighborhoods.  BCF commits $300,000 plus significant staff and other human resource support over a three year period.

BCF worked closely with RHIC in developing a plan for the three year investment, and in incorporating issues of race, equity and inclusion into the planning process and work.  A series of leadership team sessions, a Board of Directors meeting, and joint meetings of the teams, Board, and staff in May – July 2012 established a set of priorities.  This constituted the core of RHIC’s planning processes for the BCF three-year investment.  Sixty-five individuals participated in the process.  Partner organizations represented in the leadership teams included Beth Am Synagogue, Bolton-Park Neighbors, Child First, Historic Mt. Royal Terrace Association, John Eager HowardRecreation Center, John Eager Howard School, Lakeside Neighbors Coalition, New Lens, Reservoir Hill Mutual Homes, Upper Eutaw Madison Neighborhood Association, and Whitelock Community Farm. Discussions are underway with St. Francis Neighborhood Center to better incorporate the Center into neighborhood planning.

Below you will find RHIC’s action plans for this initiative.