John Eager Howard School Selected for Modernization in Year One

In late November, the Baltimore City Public School System released its 10-year plan recommendations for every City school.  The goal is a bold one - to provide a fully modern  school facility for every child in Baltimore City within ten years. For full information go to: 21st Century Buildings for our Kids Reservoir Hill's John Eager Howard School (JEH) is listed as renovate with possible addition or replace.  Westside is closing.  Mt. Royal is listed as renovate with possible addition.

This plan is contingent on legislation being passed this session at the state level to give the school district the funds to make the renovations. Reservoir Hill school advocates will, as in past years, be on the front lines of that advocacy.

We are on the precipice of giving our children the best schools to attend possible, and we need your help.

To join the campaign for modern school facilities, contact the RHIC office:

Rick Gwynallen 410.225.7547