Say hello to Mike Andrews

Mike Andrews - Dec. 2012

Mike Andrews joined the Reservoir Hill Improvement Council (RHIC) and Reservoir Hill family on 4 December. Thanks to Jewish Volunteer Connection (JVC), Mike is a VISTA assigned three days a week to support a range of needs at John Eager Howard School and John Eager Howard Recreation Center.  The other two days a week he works out of the JVC office expanding their Bookworms program to more schools.

Mike grew up in Delaware until he was 16 when his family moved to North Carolina.  He attended Elon University and then transferred to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, eventually receiving his undergraduate degree in English Language & Literature with a minor in Classical Studies.

Mike says, “My interest in a career in education led me to service in Baltimore at John Eager Howard.  I’m also a lifelong soccer enthusiast and have been a musician and producer since high school.”

Mike looks forward to meeting more people living, working, playing, and worshiping in Reservoir Hill.  Please welcome him when you see him out and about. Feel free to call Mike at the RHIC office (410.225.7547) or reach him through his email address: