Fall with JEH's Green Keepers

NFD Robert at farmJEH students visiting Whitelock Community Farm on National Food Day (10/24/2012)

JEH Scholars have been busy this fall at John Eager Howard! Students painted in after school art classes, performed in a Math Bee, enjoyed salad at Whitelock Community Farm, and worked to keep greening John Eager Howard.

Every Tuesday and Thursday during Child First students participate in Green Keepers/Kids Grow. This fall, students planted "mystery" seeds, raised Black Swallowtail Caterpillars, learned about habitats and food chains, and explored the lives of trees. Throughout December, students will learn more about seasonal changes and how they impact animals.

GK at soil deliveryJEH students helping in the school garden (10/25/2012)

In mid-November, JEH Green Keepers used what they've learned over the past two years to share at a BCPS School Board meeting with other students from SELAT (Student Environmental Leadership Action Team):

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5N22rX_5sgQ&w=560&h=315]

Hint: Skip to 30 seconds into the video when the students start speaking into the microphone

". . .Last year we built a wind turbine and learned about energy and how to make it. We ride bikes, scooters, and things that don't use gas to keep the environment clean and to keep chemicals out of the air. We want better buildings with bigger classrooms with space for plants to help us learn and clean the air. . . We compost 3 days a week at John Eager Howard to make soil so we can grow better foods. We want there to be fewer rodents at our school. . . We recycle and had a school contest in art class to decorate the bins. We recycle to keep our environment clean. We would like to have a choice about the food we eat at lunch; we want our lunches to have food from Whitelock Community Farm in them. . . We have a garden at our school and I  helped plant some vegetables. It's fun and helps me learn science. We want more murals at our school that talk about the environment. . . We have pet caterpillars to learn about how they grow. We would like to have trays for our school lunches that are recyclable. . ."