Growing Opportunities at John Eager Howard

The JEH Community at Back to School Night (9/27/12)

You've already heard about all the plants growing at John Eager Howard, but this year JEH is growing more than broccoli! Students, teachers, parents and community members have all been busy at JEH this fall. The school broadened its existing partnerships by bringing in Playworks and Parks & People, and is expanding its work with Child First in order to offer more opportunities to students and families.

Students playing 4-square during a Playworks led recess (September 2012)

Playworks promotes team building, works against bullying, and improves the school learning environment by teaching games and encouraging physical activity during recess. Coach K leads Playworks at JEH, and though she's only been at the school for less than 2 months, she's already part of the family!

Coach K in the JEH Cafeteria (10/16/12)

Students getting ready for enrichment at Child First (10/16/12)

John Eager Howard also expanded it's partnership with Child First. Jennifer McDowell, who worked with JEH families as a parent organizer last year, is now the Community Resource Coordinator for the school. Additionally, JEH now has a fully funded Child First sponsored after school program. The after school program includes academic and enrichment opportunities for students and is being directed by JEH's own 5th grade teacher, Ms. Chambers.

Students working on their nature time capsule in Kids Grow (10/16/12)

Green Keepers, RHIC's after school environmental science club, is growing! This year, through a partnership with Parks & People, RHIC is able to bring Kids Grow to JEH. Kids Grow is an environmental education program designed to improve academic skills while providing students with meaningful experiences in nature. While Kids Grow is only available to children enrolled in Child First, all JEH students have the opportunity to be Green Keepers by helping to support the many other Green School efforts taking place during the school day.