A Year of Dreams at John Eager Howard School Gets Started

John Eager Howard School’s Back-to-School Night was a spirited start to the year on September 13th.

A professional singer kicked off the event by taking “volunteers” from the audience to do some singing and dancing.

 First, a group of mothers were featured . . .

 . . . followed by the men

After the mothers and fathers strutted their stuff, students took part in a first-ever John Eager Howard fashion show.  The school has standard school uniforms, but anyone who has been to the school has probably noticed that the students personalize their uniforms in a lot of ways. The fashion show highlighted the creative ways the students add their own personalities to their school uniforms.

Following the fashion show, JEH staff and teachers were introduced to the participants.

Then everyone got down to work. The children filed out to a session of games with Playworks.

And the parents worked in small groups to learn about and discuss new school procedures, ways the school operates, and goals for the year.

Finally, students transformed themselves into waiters and waitresses, taking orders from the working parents and serving a dinner of hamburgers and hot dogs.

The 2012 – 2013 school year promises to be busy and exciting.  There are many opportunities to volunteer at the school and everyone’s help is needed.

If you would like more information on volunteering at John Eager Howard School, whether or  not you have children, call Erin Bowman at 410.225.7547, or write to Erin at ebowman@reservoirhill.net