New Interactive Art Installation Coming to Rec Center

We Are All Neighbors – Res Hill We Love

These are some of the messages appearing on colorful new signs and chalkboards that will be erected outside the John Eager Howard Recreation Center, 2100 Brookfield Avenue, at the Center’s Back-To-School event on 27 August.

John Eager Howard Recreation Center youth worked with MICA artists to create the signs and chalkboards that convey strong messages about keeping our streets and waterways clean and trash-free.  This project built on the painting of the street mural at Lennox and Brookfield. Youth worked with the same artists who painted the street mural.  The effort is tied into work RHIC is advancing in the school, recreation center, and community to develop   understanding among youth about the connection between our streets and waterways, and our responsibility to keep them clean.

Recreation Center youth will use the chalkboards to express what they love about Reservoir Hill, what they dream of the community being like, and what they are doing to help the community.  But any resident can fill in their answers on the chalkboards as well – and we encourage you to do so.