Demolition at John Eager Howard Opens Up Possibilities

The modular building put on the John Eager Howard Howard School grounds  in 1968 as class space is known by most residents simply as an eyesore. It has been unused and deteriorating for years. Removing it was a major objective of a drive that started in December 2011 to improve safety along Linden Avenue.  This past spring the Baltimore City Public School System  agreed  to demolish and remove the building in summer 2012. This summer residents have watched the building come down, and on 13 September, 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm, a Back-to-School Night celebration will be held on the school field beside the site of the building to celebrate the possibilities that removing the building opens up.

First. we will begin working for a bus loop to be installed that will allow school buses to pull off of Linden Avenue when dropping off or picking up children.

Second, we will be working to restore the school field as a good quality play field for many diverse sports activities.  Discussion held this past school year with students, parents, and school personnel fostered a range of exciting ideas.  The next step is working with a play field designer this autumn to create a plan.