Child First Kicks Off School Year with Outreach to Families

Between August 3rd and August 18th, Child First Authority Community Resource Coordinators and Organizers conducted a series of outreach activities in support of the Mayor's Back to School initiative. Below is a summary of efforts and a few success stories.

  • Child First placed 50 Back to School posters in local businesses in the communities surrounding Liberty, Calvin Rodwell, John Eager Howard, Westside, and Bay-Brook schools. In addition to placing posters, we engaged business owners and employees in conversations about supporting the back to school movement by reminding students about the start date and Mayor's Back to School Rally.
  • Between August 13 and August 18, 2012 Child First teams canvassed the communities surrounding Liberty, Calvin Rodwell, John Eager Howard, Westside, and Bay-Brook, reaching over 800 homes. In addition to leaving literature with each home the Child First teams comprised of CRS coordinators, organizers, and in some cases parents, students, teachers, neighborhood leaders, and school principals, spoke with all residents who were home at the time to share the Back to School initiative, rally, and community resource strategy. In one instance, we were joined by City Councilman Nick Mosby to spread the word.
  • Our canvassing efforts were very successful. Below are stories that highlight some of the responses:

"In my business canvassing this week I was asking business owners if I could post a "Back to School" flyer in their window. As I was asking, a young woman behind me said "Man, I wish I could go back to school." I began talking with her a little bit and discovered that she had never graduated high school and was interested in getting a GED. Just earlier that day I have received information about a Pre-GED and a GED course offered at a local church in the community.  I promptly provided her with the information and got her connected to the church."

~ CRS Coordinator, Bay-Brook

"In the John Eager Howard community, Child First staff was joined by 7th district Councilman Nick Mosby, Principal Hanson, and Assistant Principal Carter. As we knocked on doors and spoke with people they were very pleasant and excited about the upcoming CRS partnership with the school and excited about Back to School. At one home, we met a Rector of an Episcopal Church who offered 50 backpacks with school supplies to the school right there on the spot! "

~ CRS Coordinator, John Eager Howard

"The canvassing gave us an opportunity to meet, inform and engage residents within the community. I am reminded of a senior lady who did not have a student who attended the school, but has been living in the community for over 50 years. When she was informed about the Community Resource School strategy, she was excited that the school would be providing resources that could help the larger community and not just the families who attend the school.

“In addition, there was a young mother we met who had been living two blocks away from the school for a couple of months and was currently sending her student twelve blocks away to a HeadStart program in Walbrook Junction.

“We where able to inform her about the HeadStart program [in the school] and give her the name and number to the coordinator so she could enroll her student, which would allow her to be closer to home."

~ CRS Coordinator, Liberty