Keeping City Schools on the Agenda in Annapolis

Reservoir Hill has been well represented in Annapolis this session. Earlier we reported on District 40 Night in Annapolis, but in addition to that large session advocates for City schools have logged many, many hours in Annapolis building support among Maryland's elected officials for solutions to the needs of Baltimore City schools. [caption id="attachment_594" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Joining Baltimore Freedom Academy 10th graders and other Transform Baltimore supporters are RHIC's Erin Bowman (back row, third from left) and Rick Gwynallen (back row, 5th from left) and Reservoir Hill resident and ACLU organizer Frank Patinella (back row, 6th from left)

RHIC's Erin Bowman waits with Baltimore Freedom Academy 10th grade students outside the State Capitol for delegates and senators."]