John Eager Howard and Reservoir Hill Supporters Show up in Annapolis in Force

Twenty-four John Eager Howard parents, staff, children, and Reservoir Hill community members joined other District 40 families in Annapolis to: 1.  Support passage of HB304 and the companion SB 533, which will change the way the state gives money to the city for school facilities. The bill will provide the funds in one block so it can be used to leverage other funding.

2.  Support the passage of HB578 and the companion SB906, which will allow the city to leverage dedicated revenue sources for school construction.

3.  Support keeping the 1% Inflation Factor in the school budget.


4.  Oppose shifts of costs in teacher pensions to the city or city schools.

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One hundred and twenty people turned out for the rally.  Delegate Shawn Tarrant and Delegate Barbara Robinson attended the action and assured the crowd of their absolute support.

Three of the John Eager Howard and Reservoir Hill crew played particularly outstanding roles last night.

Arica Gonzalez, John Eager Howard parent and new Child First leader, spoke movingly and eloquently as a parent encouraging our elected officials to govern wisely and provide the educational setting our children need and deserve.

Chartruse Robinson, a former Reservoir Hill Improvement Council Board Member and Board President spoke with passion and power about the critical importance of schools to the well being of neighborhoods. These two women represented JEH and Reservoir Hill with distinction.

One of Reservoir Hill's own, Frank Patinella, led the session. Now  ACLU of Maryland's Education Reform Organizer, Frank is a Reservoir Hill resident, former RHIC Community Organizer, and School & Recreation activist.

To learn more about the campaign to improve school facilities across the city, go to Transform Baltimore.

To help our local schools right in Reservoir Hill, contact Rick Gwynallen at 410.225.7547, or