John Eager Howard School Becomes an Energy Hub School

The John Eager Howard Green Team is proud to announce that John Eager Howard Elementary School has been awarded a $1,000 Baltimore Energy Challenge Grant.   The Green Keeper students and Green Team teachers, lead by Ms. Katrina Petzel and Ms. Tamara Hanson with the help of Ms. Erin Bowman from the Reservoir Hill Improvement Council, will be leading the school in Energy Conservation Efforts.   Look for the Green Team project updates on the Green Team's bright Green Bulletin board.

Did you know? If 10,000 schools turned off their lights for one minute it could save $81,885.

Your school has also been named your Community’s ENERGY HUB.  What is an Energy Hub?  It’s a place dedicated to raising awareness about energy conservation! It’s also a place where John Eager Howard parents and families can sign the Baltimore Energy Challenge Pledge and pick up a free energy saving kit.  The kit will help them save energy and save money on their energy bills.

You can take the pledge to reduce your energy use too! Become an Energy Super Hero; ask a Green Team member how to do it. Help us make Baltimore a Cleaner, Greener, Super Energy saving place to live!

Thank you John Eager Howard Elementary Energy Savers! Congratulations on your grant award and keep an eye out for all the Energy Saving projects the Green Keepers will be leading at John Eager Howard!

To become an Energy Super Hero or get more information, contact:

Erin Bowman 410.225.7547