Baltimore City Public School System adopts Transform Baltimore School Construction and Renovation Proposal

City-wide advocacy by parents, teachers, and other community members to give our children quality school buildings has had an effect.

Dr. Alonso and Baltimore City Public Schools adopted Transform Baltimore's school construction and renovation proposal and presented it to the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee in Annapolis on Tuesday, 24 January 2012!

Thanks to the Baltimore Education Coalition and Transform Baltimore members, nearly 100 students, teachers, and advocates attended the committee briefing to show state legislators that we desperately need this innovative financing plan to renovate our crumbling school buildings now.

The story made the front page of the Baltimore Sun on Wednesday, 25 January. Read the article here:  Alonso wants to borrow $1.2 billion to repair city schools.

Find out more about the proposal to fully renovate Baltimore’s schools at Transform Baltimore.

Reservoir Hill Improvement Council is a founding and active member of Baltimore Education Coalition (BEC) and Transform Baltimore (TB).  In President Obama’s words “. . .one of the best anti-poverty programs is a world-class education.”  For all families, a high quality education for their children is crucial. For neighborhoods, a stellar neighborhood school makes families want to remain in the community, and attracts others to move in.

While this is a very important step, we have a lot of work ahead of us to guarantee that every city child can walk into, study in, and grow in, a sound, modern school facility. John Eager Howard School parents and personnel will be participating in BEC and TB activities through the spring. We need your help to ensure that the opportunity to invest in Baltimore’s youth is not missed.

To get involved, contact Rick Gwynallen at 410.225.7547, or by e mail at