Do You Support a Bottle Tax Increase to Fund School Renovation?

Most of our readers probably know that Mayor Rawlings-Blake is advancing a proposal to increase the bottle tax in Baltimore City and use all the bottle tax revenues to help fund school renovation and repair. An excellent school facility is important to student achievement, important to the teachers and staff who work in the buildings, important to families that want the best for their children, and important to neighborhoods because good schools make people want to stay living in the community and attract others to move in.

Reservoir Hill Improvement Council (RHIC) and the School & Recreation Team have long advocated for new sources of revenue that could address the serious need for renovation of school facilities throughout the city.  The Mayor’s proposal stands to be part of that new funding.

We want to know what you think of the Mayor’s proposal.

 A new post on the RHIC blog, Views From the Hill, describes both the bottle tax increase that is under discussion and a proposal to address school construction and renovation needs. The post queries readers as to their support of the idea for a bottle tax to fund school renovation.

We encourage you to read the post and submit your comments. Here’s the link:

The School & Recreation Team will be following this blog and will seriously consider every comment posted.