An Exciting New Step in John Eager Howard's Outdoor Classroom

At our last posting, John Eager Howard’s Green Team of teachers and staff was working with Baltimore City Master Gardeners and RHIC to build raised planter boxes for John Eager Howard’s new outdoor classroom. The idea was that the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classes would each have their own planter box to tend to over the course of the school year, starting with the Fall planting season. Today, the students began planting in  those new beds.

The students began filling the boxes today with soil and crops. So if you’re a student at John Eager Howard Elementary School and you wanted to know how to prepare raised planter boxes for a fall crop of kale, broccoli and cauliflower, this is what you would do:

Enter the interior courtyard:

Lay garden cloth at the bottom of the planter box:

Pick up heavy bags of soil to add to the box:

Ms. Petzel can help you get all the soil out:

Level the soil:

Take the plants out of their starter boxes:

Make sure the plants are evenly spaced:

Get your hand trowel ready:

Start digging:

Dig some more:

Test the depth to make sure you’ve dug deep enough:



Principal Hanson is very helpful, isn't she?

Pose for the camera:

Wait for the crops to grow!