Get Out In The Neighborhood & Bring Your Camera!

We Need Reservoir Hill Families to Help Us Answer This Question:


Where do you see nature in Reservoir Hill? Over the last few years, we’ve done lots of planting and we’ve torn up lots of concrete. We built a playground. We built a farm.  But what do you see as representing nature in our community? We’d like Reservoir Hill children and their families to send us pictures of what you see today when you think of nature in Reservoir Hill.

Parents and teachers, this is a great opportunity for our children to get to know their neighborhood in a special way, and for all of us to see how they view the neighborhood. Make it a family project and adults and children will learn about their neighborhood together.

Nature may mean different things to different people.

It could be climbing atop a mulch mountain:

It doesn’t have to be green or have a tree or a garden. It can be with people or without. It can be a simple snapshot or a composed portrait, but it should be a recent picture that expresses your feelings.

It could be enjoying freshly planted flowers in a new space:

Or it could just be playing outside:

Our hope is that the received pictures will both capture how people view the community today as well as inform our future projects. We hope to publicly display the pictures this fall (including at the Annual Meeting on 25 October), so please include your name and when you took the picture, as well as anything else you’d like to share about why you selected the picture. Send your pictures to