Help Us Shape the Program at John Eager Howard Recreation Center

The Summer Camp Program at John Eager Howard Recreation Center will soon draw to a close.  Sixty-one children have enjoyed and benefited greatly from this year’s camp. Now we are looking toward the next school year.

This past spring, School & Recreation Team personnel conducted a casual survey of newer residents as to what they would like to see at the center for their families.  The list below was generated from that survey and discussed at the August School & Recreation Team meeting.

Team members will be working with the Recreation Center Director, Carolyn “Cookie” Newton to make ready another room at the recreation center for public use and to introduce some new opportunities during the 2011-2012 school year.

We welcome more input from readers as to which items from the list they would be most interested in for their families, as well as new suggestions.

We have a wonderful recreation center that is a strong community asset.  In fact, the center is regarded highly outside our community, and was selected as the site for the city-wide Food & Fitness Day on 11 August.  Help us grow the center to serve the community ever better. Offer your thoughts as to what you would like to see at the center, either right here on this blog or to Rick Gwynallen at RHIC:  or Carolyn “Cookie” Newton at the John Eager Howard Recreation Center:

Items From Spring 2011 Survey

1)  Art is Everywhere

Exploring creative approaches to art, such as Turning Trash into Art, Mosaic making

2) Practical Creative Skills

Papermaking, Bookmaking

3) Inspiring Movements: Choreography and Theatre

Stomp, BeatBoxing, Meaningful choreographic Notation, Integrating Play and Work, Memory Strategies for Acting

Production of a show

4) Creative Writing and Journal Writing

Writing Prompts, Writing Cycles, Following Inspiration, Keeping Track of Creative ideas, Poetry,

5) Urban Camping Club

Parents and Kids learning skills and then using them in a couple great camping trips. Cub Scout or Boy Scout troop

6) Classes that kind of introduce a lot of different sports opposed to focusing on one

7) Tennis

8) Fitness classes

9) Dance for kids