Build Schools, Build Neighborhoods

Transform Baltimore!  Build Schools, Build Neighborhoods The Campaign to Transform Baltimore calls upon elected officials and decision makers at the local, state, and federal levels to adopt and act upon a funding plan to renovate and modernize all public school buildings in Baltimore City within five years.  Modernized and renovated school buildings, like Digital Harbor High School and Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School, are integral to education reform and to the long-term economic health and vitality of all city neighborhoods.  Other state and districts have successfully renewed their school buildings by developing creative financing schemes and through expanding revenue.   IT IS POSSIBLE FOR BALTIMORE CITY!   Action:  Join the Campaign to Transform Baltimore!  Contact Frank Patinella and sign-on to the campaign!  We will send out alerts about important meetings, hearings, and actions to ensure that all students, teachers, and neighborhoods have modern and excellent school buildings! 

Contact:  Frank Patinella, Campaign Organizer, 410.889.8550 x 123