On the Way to a Green School in Reservoir Hill

The 2010 - 2011 school year is over, and there is a lot to report from John Eager Howard School.  The School's Green Team, formed just this year, met in June 2011 to begin planning for the 2011 - 2012 school year. The following reports some of the progress of this year in moving John Eager Howard toward being a Green School.

The 2010 – 2011 School Year

Green Team: John Eager Howard Teachers and Staff and Reservoir Hill Improvement Council staff joined together to make a green team to lead the school in sustainability and other environmental projects and activities.

Recycling:   Single stream recycling was established. Recycling bins where placed in classrooms, lunchroom, and offices.  Also ,Tiffany Hall from waste management put on a recycling presentation for grades 3-5.

Environmental Ambassadors: Within each classroom the teacher picked a boy and girl to be an Environmental Ambassador.  The Ambassador is responsible for helping with classroom recycling and encouraging other  conservation practices.

Tree planting:  With the help of Blue Water for Baltimore , Reservoir Hill Improvement Council, Tree Baltimore, and the students  of John Eager Howard, we planted 30 trees on April 28, 2011 around the school grounds.


First Annual Green Week:  The school hosted our first annual Green Week.  Each day of the week was filled with activities relating to the environment.  Some of the activities included cleaning school grounds, visiting Whitelock Community Farm, Lights Out-Read- Aloud, and a Re-purpose Museum where class’s displayed  items made out of reused materials.

  • Green Keepers:  An after school environmental science club met once a week.
  • Baltimore City Schools Sustainability Grant:  We were awarded $1,000 to buy environmental education materials, which included , a scale to weigh our recycling,  sustainability energy experiments, watershed  kits, and  we were able to take the  Green Keepers and Environmental Ambassadors to Kayam Farm.

John Eager Howard School held its first Farmers Market at the John Eager Recreation Center.

The Baltimore City Healthy Food in Motion Campaign recently announced that the artwork created by three John Eager Howard Elementary School students, Shydi Griffin, Marie Gabrielle Tupas, and Troy McGhee Agell, will be displayed as healthy eating ads on the interior of city buses, starting this summer. In addition, Shydi Griffin’s poster (below) was chosen as the overall contest winner to be displayed in large format on the outside of the buses.


  • RainGarden  and Outdoor Classroom
  • Green Lunch Room! – Trayless Tuesdays:  Instead of using Styrofoam trays on Tuesdays we would like to do brown bagged lunches. – Improve and increase recycling in the lunchroom.  (The Environmental Ambassadors will take on lunchroom tasks) – Composting
  • Increase the amount or recycling and decrease the amount of trash through a “greener” lunchroom.
  • Incorporate environmental lessons by using the outdoor classroom, rain gardens, and the building facilities(ex. collect data on leaky faucets)
  • “These Come From Trees” Challenge – Stickers will be put on paper towel dispensers and printer/copiers. –  On average schools who have taken this challenge reduced their paper use by 29%.