Community Greening Projects

Outdoor Kitchen Underway on Whitelock Street

Finishing touches are being added to the park and farm space on the South Lot site across from the original Whitelock Community Farm space on the 900 block of Whitelock Street.  Workers are installing a new patio and grills, which will be used by the farm for educational cooking opportunities, and will be available for community use. 

Once the patio and grills are completed, work will continue to include a washing station and drying racks for the farm, as well as fresh sod in the round community space which is being used for the Saturday markets and other community events.

Funding for the outdoor kitchen was provided by Healthy Neighborhoods through their Baltimore Regional Neighborhoods Initiative grant.

Reservoir Hill Clean Corps at work this Saturday, 14 May

The Reservoir Hill Clean Corps' second Second Saturday is approaching.  It will be this Saturday, 14 May, from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.  Clean Corps Captains and anyone else available should meet at the Whitelock Community Farm at the corner of Whitelock Street and Brookfield Avenue between 9 a.m. - 10 a.m. to prepare for a volunteer group that is arriving at 10 a.m.  We have 30 volunteers joining us from Volunteering Untapped.

The general work plans are as follows:

  • Lot 1 (Whitelock/ South Lot)  -  Spreading Compost, prepping planting beds and weeding flower beds, trash pick up, paint chalkboard signs
  • Lot 2 (German Park)  - Trash pick up, weeding and mulching
  • Lot 3 (Linden Lot)- Trash pick up, weeding and mulching tree wells

These locations can really use some love.  Hope you can join us.


Captains will receive a kit that includes a trash grabber, safety vest, gloves, bag and t-shirt.  All that is asked is that you go through a training with a representative from the Baltimore City Environmental Control Board, and agree to participate in some of our cleanups. 

The Reservoir HIll Clean Corps works on different sites in the community every second Saturday of the month.



Reservoir Hill Clean Corps at North & Linden THIS COMING SATURDAY

Reservoir Hill’s Clean Corps will be conducting clean-ups every second Saturday.  This month, on April 9th, we will meet at North and Linden, at 9:00 am.  We will cut back some of a tree that is blocking the traffic signal there, and clean trash along the median and sidewalk.

We'll be rotating locations each month so that all regions of the neighborhood receive some attention.

Also, on April 23, for the Mayor's Spring Cleanup, there will be trash pickup locations at the Lennox Street Garden (732 Lennox Street) and near the Whitelock Farm/Reservoir Hill Garden (930 Whitelock Street).  The cleanup runs from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. and trash will be picked up shortly after.  Please let us know if you would like to participate, and if we need to add any other pickup locations.

Interested in becoming a Clean Corps Captain?

Captains will receive a kit that includes a trash grabber, safety vest, gloves, bag and t-shirt.  All that is asked is that you go through a training with a representative from the Baltimore City Environmental Control Board, and agree to participate in some of our cleanups. 

 For information on
the Reservoir Hill Clean Corps and the Mayor’s Spring Cleanup

Eli Lopatin, , 410.225.7547

Alley Beautification Continues between Lakeview and Brookfield

Neighbors were out once again from the 2400-2500 blocks of Lakeview and Brookfield, beautifying their alley and seeking to address problem dumping sites.  The project is being coordinated by the Healthy Harbor Initiative.  Residents who don't already have them were given trash cans and recycling bins, neighbors built trash can containers, to avoid having the cans rolling around the alley spreading trash, roses were planted, and stencils reminding folks where the litter ends up (in the harbor/bay) were painted.

Big thanks to the staff members of the Baltimore City Environmental Control Board who came out to help, and to learn about problems that residents are facing!

Tree Canopy Continues to Grow!

A total of 538 street trees have been planted in Reservoir Hill since 2009, including 65 this year.   This brings us to over 50 percent of the thousand new trees we hope to plant!  You may have seen CIIP intern Matt Brown out in the neighborhood, putting labels on the new trees.  Matt has been adding the locations of our new trees, along with photos, tree type, and conditions, into our tree inventory map.  

Here is a visual representation of all 538 trees planted since 2009.

The 65 trees planted so far this year have focused along Linden, Brookfield, Callow, Newington, Eutaw, and others.  More will be coming in the fall!

If you'd like to explore the map, view pictures of the trees, and sort through types and conditions click here

Jewish Volunteer Connection brings volunteers from The Associated

Staff members from The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore, were interested in volunteering in West Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray.  Several of those volunteers came to Reservoir Hill, where they helped with repairs at German Park, painted the basketball court, and assisted with moving in fresh gravel at the Lennox Street Community Garden.


Whole Foods Volunteers Support South Lot and Farm

More than seventy store managers from Whole Foods stores throughout the Mid-Atlantic were on Whitelock Street last week to continue beautification efforts on the South Lots and support the Whitelock Community Farm.  Volunteers planted perennials, cleared debris, stretched plastic on the new hoop house, and weeded and moved a rain cistern at the Farm's expansion site at 2400 Eutaw Place.  

Updating the Reservoir Hill tree map

2009-2014 Reservoir Hill tree map (6/26/14)

2009-2014 Reservoir Hill tree map (6/26/14)

In August 2013 we published the first-ever Reservoir Hill tree map, which represented our best attempt to record the correct location and species for every tree planted (approximately 333 trees) up to that date. Since then, we've continued to improve our methods for collecting data, and we've also tried to update all the trees planted in 2013 (approximately 69 trees) and 2014 (68 so far).

Were you wondering where all those trees are?

Here's a map showing just the 2013 (in yellow) and 2014 tree locations (in blue):

2013 and 2014 trees

2013 and 2014 trees

We're very excited that our current inventory of 476 trees planted means we'll soon be reaching 500 new trees planted (50% toward our goal of 1,000 new trees). The challenge however, is that while many of the the 2009-2013 trees were planted in locations specifically requested (and subsequently adopted) by residents, the 2014 trees were all planted in April-May 2014 by Baltimore City without communicating with residents. We have been fortunate that spring 2014 has brought us lots of rain, so many of the 2014 trees are doing OK so far. But summer is now here, and to maintain our neighborhood goal of 95% survival rate, we'll need to connect these trees to nearby residents.

Here's an example of a 2014 tree in need of a good home (or just a friend with a hose):

2014 tree near the intersection of Park Avenue and Whitelock Street (6/16/14)

2014 tree near the intersection of Park Avenue and Whitelock Street (6/16/14)

We are also currently working to get the City and its contractors to take responsibility for assisting with the maintenance these trees. In the meantime, if you've noticed there is a new tree near your house and you are interested in watering it with at least 10 gallons a week,  contact Teddy Krolik ( so we can provide you with tree care instructions and materials (including a gator bag for slow-drip watering)!

Again, here's the map of all 2014 tree locations:

2014 trees 

2014 trees