It was a beautiful summer afternoon and evening - Back2School Bash and Jazzy Summer

The afternoon started with Councilman Mosby's incredible Back2School Bash. Great music, hundred of filled backpacks for the students, and powerful words from Councilman Mosby on the future of our part of the city and the role of all community residents in making that future.

We had some local celebrities in attendance.

The Raven's new Running Back, Terrance West, who grew up in Reservoir Hill, was in the crowd.

The rapper is Lil' Key performed at Councilman Mosby's Back2School Bash. 

Lil' Key performed at all five of the Councilman's Back to School events, performed one year at the Whitelock Community Farm fundraiser at Beth Am as a benefit for the Farm, and is now starring in a show on Lifetime, which did some filming of the event.

RHIC hosted Jazzy Summer Wind Down on the Whitelock Park following Councilman Mosby's Back2School Bash. Diane Postell and Definite Friends Jazz Band played under a beautiful starry sky.  Neighbors ate, drank, and listened to great jazz on a lovely summer evening.  It was a real show of how far Whitelock Street has come in the last 6 years.