Meet Your Neighborhood Representative in Reservoir Hill

On the 13th of July, RHIC Geographic Community Representative (GCR) Jonathan Bettle invited neighbors to share their thoughts about neighborhood events and development projects, as well as noise, trash, and safety concerns, during the first in a series of "stoop gatherings".

One of the main changes in the RHIC Board of Directors this here is the inclusion of Geographic Community Representatives, Board Members whose job it is to be in touch with their neighbors, keep the RHIC staff and Board abreast of neighborhood needs, and activate more people in community activities. If you have not yet met your area's GCR, be on the lookout for an announcement to join him or her at another of these events, or feel free to contact the RHIC office (410.225.7547)  at any time to get in touch. Brief introductions to the GCRs appear in the Spring issue of The Reservoir Hill Report.