Renovation of John Eager Howard School to start soon

21st Century Schools is expecting renovation of the John Eager Howard School building to begin on or around Monday, 1 August 2016. Initial work will likely be internal and not noticeable by neighbors. However, external work will follow shortly.

The construction plan can  be viewed here.    The plan includes important information regarding steps to address potential community impacts, such as rodents, and how traffic, parking, and trucks in the community will be managed.

21st Century Schools provided the following construction summary notes: 
• Construction works hours will be Monday - Friday, 7:00am-5:00PM. 
• Every precaution will be taken to hose down the site to minimize dust impacting the neighboring residence
• Parking for construction workers is still being worked out with the developer for the Madison North Apartments, pending lawsuit is holding progress on these conversation up
• Monthly construction update meetings will be held in coordination with the Reservoir Hill Improvement Council at Reservoir Hill Community Meetings.

Maryland Stadium Authority Project Manager Tom Henderson can be contacted if there are any concerns during construction of John Eager Howard: or (240) 876-1255.  Nicole Price with 21st Century Schools can also be contacted if Mr. Henderson is unavailable: or (410) 350.1023.

RHIC will be monitoring the construction process.  For any questions or concerns, please contact Eli Lopatin at (410) 225-7547,