Help Prioritize Projects in Reservoir Hill & Penn North

The JEH Community Investment Strategy/INSPIRE planning process is in the stage of prioritizing items from the Draft Recommendations for implementation.  More than 200 people took part in surveys or meetings in the development oft he Draft Recommendations.  Below are two charts that were first presented at the June 2016 Reservoir Hill Community Meeting.

Community Recreation Initiative

The INSPIRE program will fund one significant community initiative separate and apart from the implementation of the Draft Recommendations.  One item that arose as important during the surveying process was the need for increased opportunities for community recreation.  Click the above link for a list of suggested projects and a map showing the locations of those projects.  Which do you think is most important?  Select your preferred project or rank the projects you consider important.  Are there other recreation needs you want to suggest?  Send your ideas to

JEH Draft Recommendations Table

Click the above link for a refined implementation table, which we need to prioritize.  Please select your top 10 projects and prioritize them with number one being the most important.  Send your prioritization to

Thank you for your help!