Draft INSPIRE Recommendation for Strategic Investment Around John Eager Howard School Released

The Baltimore City Department of Planning released the draft recommendations to guide strategic investment around John Eager Howard School in Reservoir Hill.  To read  the recommendation, Click Here.  For more information about the initiative to develop a plan for strategic community investment, Click Here.

The Reservoir Hill team will work with Department of Planning staff through April 18, to seek and incorporate additional community and agency feedback to the draft recommendations presented in this report.

A Public Review of the Recommendations will be held
at the Reservoir Hill Community Meeting
Tuesday, 5 April 2016
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
John Eager Howard Recreation Center
2100 Brookfield Avenue

Please join us.  Your input is needed.

The final recommendations and INSPIRE plan which will include commitments from city agencies, an implementation plan, and additional information including relevant citywide initiatives, other agency efforts, and existing plans for the area.  Planning staff will then seek additional feedback from community stakeholders about the plan.

The final plan will be presented to, and adopted by, the Planning Commission over the summer. Department of Planning staff will work with the community to identify a “signature community project.”