The Callow Avenue Comeback: Nine Energy Star Qualified Homes Coming to Callow Avenue this Fall

Construction on Callow Avenue is a beautiful sight!

Many have seen the great amount of work taking place along the 2200 block of Callow Ave over the last several months.  The nine home are being renovated through a partnership between RHIC, the Druid Heights Community Development Corporation, and Healthy Neighborhoods, Inc.  Developer Aziz Housseini of the AZ Group said that 50 percent of the homes should be completed by late November.  They will be marketed to households at or below 120 percent area median income.

Not only are the homes being renovated with features that will match the historic character of the neighborhood, they will also include many “green” features. Thomas Gamper, the lead architect working on the project through the firm Schamu, Machowski and Patterson noted that the most environmentally conscious feature of the construction is merely the idea of recycling pre-existing buildings into new homes.  “The greenest building is an existing building,” Gamper said, noting that many of the materials such as the bricks would not need to be extracted and made from raw materials.  And, by being located in an urban neighborhood, these new homes will allow for shorter commute times than if the new owners purchased in the suburbs, and will contribute to a more walkable city.

Many of the homes’ built-in features will also help them to be Energy Star Qualified, and meet other green mandates.  They will have water management plans for both inside and outside the homes, including indoor sump pumps, low water use toilets and low use faucets, and they will have planted areas in front, which will help reduce rainwater run-off.  All mold is being remediated, and lead is being removed from everywhere but the historic exterior cornices.  Light will be brought to the upper stories through solar tubes, which capture sunlight and distribute it through fixtures that look like regular light fixtures.

There are many exciting features of the homes, and at RHIC we are proud to know that this new development will meet the green image that we have been nurturing for the neighborhood.  These new homes and will contribute to a more environmentally sound future for our neighborhood and beyond.