RHIC Honored Ray Kelly, Jonathan Bettle, and Officer Robert Horne at Annual Applebee's Fathers' Day Breakfast

Every year friends and neighbors gather for a festive breakfast at Applebee’s to honor the fathers in our communities.  By “fathers” we mean those who actually have children of their own, or who display the nurturing character of a father in our neighborhoods.  Each year a few men who exemplify the nurturing father at his best are honoured.  This year, 100 gathered at the breakfast to collectively honor:

Officer Robert Horne and Ray Kelly

  • Ray Kelly, Sandtown resident and President of No Boundaries Coalition
  • Jonathan Bettle, Reservoir Hill resident, brand new father, and leader of the Linden Park revitalization
  • Officer Robert Horne, Reservoir Hill’s Community Relations Officer

Jonathan Bettle

We thank:

  • Master of Ceremonies Joe Braswell for being a warm and engaging MC
  • DJ Edward Griffith for creating such wonderful sounds
  • Speaker Anthony Pressley for bringing such depth of meaning to our gathering through his speech, "We Are the Foundation of the Village”, and the poem he write for the occasion, In Honor of the Father, which you can read below.
  •  Brian Salsberry for donating the Starbuck's certificates used  in our raffle
  • Carol Shulman, Ruthie Wilder, Joyce Richardson, Norita Parker, Kay Campbell, and Chartruse Robinson for organizing the warm and welcoming gathering.

In Honor of the Father

Written By Anthony T. Pressley

Dedicated to all fathers with a special honor

 Officer Robert Horne, Central District Police Dept.;
Mr. Ray Kelly, the No Boundaries Committee; and
Jonathan Bettle, Reservoir Hill Community resident

How many times have you worked so hard and nobody said, “Thank You”
How many times have you prayed to God and wondered if He would come through?

Has it been recent that you cried late night
And no one around you knew?
Ever been lost for direction right
And correction that is due?

Don’t want to seem week because I am a Man
Can’t show defeat so I hide my left hand

But actually we do not have to fear
As long as we remember and know our God is near!

He already designed a path for each of us to take
He promised he would never leave us or ever forsake

The Father receives Honor
In the contributions you make
So keep up the great deeds for goodness sake

So we honor our brothers on this Father’s Day
Salute to your sacrifice and the works beyond pay

Honor to our Fathers and the great things they do
No one else could bother to endeavor

to walk in your shoe.

You are the sample of the example of what an Exemplary Man should be
You are engaging and aging and blessed and free

Today is the day we applaud you with a song
Keep moving and fixing things and keep living strong

You are the Unsung Heroes who deserve a Great Big Reward
Well I heard through the Word
That your blessings are already stored

You are Leaders and Legends
Fathers and Friend

Men who build the Village
On whom we all can depend

You are nice guys
Witty and wise

Harmless and calm
Good handshakes and laughs
And yes, you are each set on your own path
To help others
You keep your brothers
Your family and your faith
You make others around you feel safe

And it is through your testimony and story
That our Father is Honored in all of His Glory

So on this twenty first day of June
in the year of our Lord
And with Great Jubilation
You men who give to the community is the reason for this Celebration.

God Bless on Father’s Day




Next year's date is June 11, 2016    8 am - 10 am   
Applebee's Restaurant, Reisterstown Rd. Plaza