Neighborhood Meetings on North Avenue & INSPIRE Planning Processes Continue

Last night a neighborhood meeting was held for residents of Newington, Brookfield and Callow south of Whitelock, Park north of Newington, and Whitelock from Brookfield to Park.  Residents discussed recommendations for the West North Avenue Streetscape Conceptual Master Plan with a Neighborhood Design Center representative, and findings to date from the John Eager Howard Community Investment Strategy/INSPIRE planning process with personnel from the Department of Planning.  A lot of great suggestions and ideas for community improvements came out of the meeting, as well thoughts about what this planning process should include and how should unfold.

Your thoughts and ideas are important and we encourage you to be part of this dialogue.  If there has not been a neighborhood meeting yet for your streets, please contact the RHIC office at 410.225.7547 or watch for notices.


Many thanks to Gerrie Okwesa and Lavenia Lane for bringing their neighbors out for the session.