Update on Callow Avenue Revitalization - More Funds Awarded

To date, seven of the planned eight acquisitions of vacant houses on the 2200 block of Callow Avenue have been completed by Druid Heights CDC.  One more is under contract.  Druid Heights CDC hopes to settle on the property this month. 

Construction plans for the buildings are complete, and bids are due from contractors by the end of this month.  We anticipate that a contractor will be selected by mid-April. And that construction will begin in May.   

And the big news: additional funding has been acquired from the State of Maryland that will allow for acquisition and redevelopment of one more house on the 2200 block of Callow Avenue.  Druid Heights CDC is currently identifying a ninth property for purchase.

For more information contact: Carl Cleary, (410) 225-7547, ccleary@reservoirhill.net