4,000 Postcards Delivered to Governor Hogan - Now you're on: Call the Governor

Last night, a Baltimore Education Coalition (BEC) group of members, parents, students, and teachers from around Baltimore City, including 40th district residents, traveled to Annapolis to deliver a message to Governor Larry Hogan, a message that we will not accept any cuts to our children's education.  Together, we delivered 4,000 postcards, making that message clear.  Thank you to all who came!

Special thanks to RHIC's home District 40 advocates.  Out of the total number of postcards delivered, nearly 1,000 came from the 40th district, so each of you that contributed very significant;y to the effort!

Members of the Baltimore City Delegation who met with us were unanimously in support of our efforts to restore the $35.5 million in proposed cuts, but each expressed that the effort will not be successful without our help.  There is still work to be done.

First, we need each of you to
make your voice heard loud and clear with a simple message:

Do not balance the budget on the backs of our students. Hold harmless Baltimore's school children.

Restore the full $35 million in cuts, regardless of the cause.

 Please see the below ACTION ALERT from BEC with directions on how you can make your voice heard by calling the Governor and sharing via social media!

Further actions will be coming.  Please continue to help us in making our voices heard!  Baltimore City's children need all of the resources they can get to help them overcome many of the hurdles they face.  Together we can make sure that they are not punished by the governor!