Next Reservoir Hill Community Meeting - Tuesday, 3 March

March 2015 Reservoir Hill Community Meeting
Tuesday, 3 March 2015, 6:30 pm
John Eager Howard Recreation Center, 2100 Brookfield Avenue
Free dinner provided by John Eager Howard Recreation Center


 Kim Forsyth and Cal Buikema will facilitate a status review of the BGE pipeline project, including an expected timeline for repaving.

Items to be discussed include:

  • responsibilities of owners & residents to prepare home interior for new meter installation
  • remaining street lines to be replaced / parking to be disrupted
  • individual meter installation at each property on the line
  • re-paving: temporary and permanent phases
  • generous offer for limited overflow parking availability if residents provide car/contact info.


 Average life expectancies between Baltimore City neighborhoods can differ by as many as 14 years.  The reasons behind this are varied, and relate largely to socio-economic factors, but one factor that can be adjusted is improving access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food.  In Central West Baltimore, efforts are being undertaken to improve healthy food selection and price in corner stores, increase urban farming efforts, launch cooking classes at schools and recreations centers, and bring healthier options to the Avenue Market on Pennsylvania Avenue.  At our March meeting, we will hear from some of those involved with these efforts, from our own Whitelock Community Farm, to the Baltimore City Health Department, the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, and the No Boundaries Coalition, which is working to bring many of the pieces together.  Come to learn about the various strategies, and help shape future efforts in Reservoir Hill.