No Reservoir Hill Community Meeting Tonight - Stay Dry & Warm Everyone!

Due to the protests tonight, police officers are being deployed downtown, which will make it impossible for our new Community Relations Officer, Will Evans, to attend the Reservoir Hill Community Meeting announced for tonight.  THe discussion with Officer Horne and Officer Evans was our major agenda item.  DUe to that and the forecast of continued rain, we have decided to cancel the December Community Meeting.

Please join us for RHIC's Annual Meeting on Tuesday, 5 January at Beth Am Synagogue where we will honor Officer Horne for his years of service in Reservoir Hill, and welcome Officer Evans as our nwe Community Relations Officer as Officer Horne passes the baton.

In the meantime, anyone wishing to communicate with Officer Evans can contact him by phone at 410.905.3228 or by email

Stay dry and warm tonight everyone!