Come to the October Reservoir Hill Community Meeting

You are invited to the

 Reservoir Hill Improvement Council
October 2015 Community Meeting

 Tuesday, 6 October 2015, 6:30 pm
John Eager Howard Recreation Center
2100 Brookfield Avenue



RHIC: Planning for the Future

Friends and neighbors, for the last six months the RHIC Board of Directors and a core of thirty-five people engaged in RHIC-related programs and initiatives has conducted a visioning process examining its trajectory and its structure.  We contracted with former Citizens Planning & Housing Association Executive Director, Mel Freeman, to facilitate the process.  We convened the process because RHIC’s work has expanded greatly over the last five years, and several major projects are coming to fruition in the next couple of years.  It’s a time of great and positive transformation for Reservoir Hill and central West Baltimore.  That made it timely and important for us to consider whether or not our structure and operations need changing to better achieve our mission.  We came together to examine two main topics:

  • RHIC’s purpose – Is it the same as when we began?  How has our work changed?  Have we been successful at being inclusive?  What will we be over the next five years?
  • RHIC structure – our Board structure has not changed much over the years, but our work has certainly grown.  How does the way we elect Board Members, organize Board operations, and incorporate our constituency into our work need to adapt to best support and further the organization?

At the October Community Meeting we will discuss the process, what we have learned from it, and how we will be changing our structure to meet the needs of the future.  We hope you will be able to attend.


If you have any questions or would like to suggest a topic for a Community Meeting, please call the RHIC office at (410) 225-7547, or write to Rick Gwynallen at