New Partners for Smart Growth Conference Comes to Reservoir Hill

Reservoir Hill was privileged to host a tour for attendees of the New Partners for Smart Growth Conference on the29th of January.

Many thanks to Laurie Kinkel of The Goldseker Foundation for organizing this tour to discuss the strategy to Build Schools, Build Neighborhoods in Baltimore, and highlight the work of city advocates in pursuing that strategy, and to ACLU of Maryland in working with the conference to create this focus on schools and neighborhoods.

Many thanks to Eli Lopatin for working with Laurie and all the partners to arrange a Reservoir Hill tour that underscored our multi-faceted approach to equitable neighbourhood development and the range of work that community partners are doing.

And, many thanks to all those who came out in the cold to make the tour and discussions meaningful.

It was an honor to be part of a tour that also included the great work underway in Waverley with Greater Homewood Community Corporation.

Carl Cleary of Reservoir Hill Improvement Council leads a tour of the community discussing investment and examples of development.

Christi Green, Executive Director of St. Francis Neighborhood Center discusses the Center's perspectives and programs

Farm Manager Alison Worman speaks with tour attendees about the Whitelock Community Farm

Martin Cadogan talks about another aspect of the Whitelock Street come back story – rehabbing apartment buildings his firm did at the corner of Whitelock & Brookfield, and future investment on Whitelock Street.

Erin Bowman re-joined us for the day as she of Jennifer McDowell, Child First Authority Community Resource Coordinator at John Eager Howard Elementary School led a discussion about the campaign to re-design and re-develop John Eager Howard School.  Family League of Baltimore joined the tour and conversation to discuss building community schools that holistically serve families.

John Eager Howard School Principal, Tamara Hanson, elaborated on the ongoing initiative.

And Sarah Paranilam from the Baltimore City Department of Planning discussed the INSPIRE process to guide public and private investment in the broader community.