First Review of Preliminary West North Avenue Streetscape Designs

Last night, neighbors and friends gathered at John Eager Howard Recreation Center to review the first set of preliminary designs for a new streetscape for West North Avenue.   Many thanks to Neighborhood Design Center staff and volunteers for their hard work, and to 7th District City Councilman Nick Mosby for pulling all of us together in the project partnership.

To date, more than 600 people have provided input for this set of designs for a new West North Avenue streetscape from Charles Street west to Hilton.  The single greatest outreach tool so far has been a snowball stand set up at different locations along North Avenue.  More than 450 people were reached through the snowball stand alone.  We’re very grateful to Baltimore Community Foundation for providing the funds for the stand, and Eli Lopatin of Whitelock Community Farm for organizing the snowball stand events.

Below, one of the snowball stand crews is meeting people on the North Avenue bridge.  Making this bridge a welcoming and safe, pedestrian friendly and bike friendly connection between West North Avenue communities and Station North is one priority of our project.

Neighborhood Design Center staff and volunteers led discussions at six stations, each station dedicated to a different aspect of the plan.

The stations included  Clearer Crossings,

North Avenue Session 4 Sept. 2014 - 5.jpg

Multi-Modal Corridor,


Identity and History,

Pedestrian Experience,

and Special Areas –Jones Falls Bridge, Pennsylvania Avenue, Coppin State.

 There was a lot of dynamic discussion . . .

and we collected a significant amount of input, which will be incorporated into a design that will be considered 65% complete.  We will post the results of this and the two similar workshops being held in other sections of North Avenue once it is all compiled.


And the snowball stand continued to attract attention!