Where should investment in Reservoir Hill be targeted? Help build the John Eager Howard Community Investment Strategy

 Friends and neighbors,

You are invited to

Help build the
John Eager Howard Community Investment Strategy

30 September 2014
To accomodate everyone's schedules
there will be two sessions:

Session 1 starts at 5:30 pm
Session 2 starts at 7:00 pm

John Eager Howard Recreation Center, 2100 Brookfield Avenue

→ John Eager Howard School will undergo redevelopment starting in late 2015 to create a 21st Century School Building

→ The new school can be a catalyst for improvements in the greater neighborhood – improved streets and sidewalks, improved services, improved condition of buildings and open space

→ You can help establish the vision and targeted improvements to guide future public and private investment in Reservoir Hill

Who we are:

The John Eager Howard School Investment Strategy is a collaborative project of Baltimore City Planning Department and Transform Baltimore: Build Schools, Build Neighborhoods.  The Baltimore City Planning Department is conducting a planning program for the neighborhoods around each of the new or renovated schools. The program is called INSPIRE, which stands for Investing in Neighborhoods and Schools to Promote Improvement, Revitalization, and Excellence.  Transform Baltimore partner Neighborhood Design Center will be working with select communities to create models of engaged community planning. Our community team is comprised of community leaders committed to broad and deep community outreach.

In this session:

The Baltimore City Planning Department and Neighborhood Design Center will help participants examine existing conditions around the school and identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. We will build the foundation for a long-range vision to guide future investment in the area, but also identify potential specific improvements to complement the investment at the school.

This is an historic opportunity.  We need your ideas!

The John Eager Howard Community Investment Strategy will be based on an engaged community planning process combined with rigorous data collection of existing conditions and needs, best practice and scholarly research of recommendations, value-based decision making, and collaborative engagement of community service providers, local foundations, City agencies, and JEH School leaders.


Please join us on the 30th of September!

For more information on the project, Click Here

or contact the RHIC office: 410.225.7547, rgwynallen@reservoirhill.net