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Whitelock Street means a lot of things to a lot of people. What exactly it represents has a lot to do with how long and in what capacity one has had a relationship with Reservoir Hill.  It was the commercial center of the community, changing as the composition of the community changed.  It was vacant lots.  Today it’s characterized by Whitelock Community Farm, Reservoir Hill Community Garden, St. Frances Neighborhood Center, and German Park Playground.  This Whitelock History project represents a nearly year-long collaboration between neighborhood volunteer Richard Cozzens, who at the time lived just a few doors away from the corner of Whitelock Street and Brookfield Avenue, and Reservoir Hill Improvement Council (RHIC). It builds on RHIC's neighborhood oral history project published in 2012 that used first-person neighborhood perspectives to share what it’s like to live in such a community that is always changing.  In this virtual history tour, we attempt to answer many of the questions that residents and visitors have long wondered about the 900 block of Whitelock Street: What used to be here? Who used to live here? What is happening now?

We hope it is enjoyable and useful.  To take the tour, Click Here!