5pm Wednesday 5/7/14: North Avenue Design Workshop

Baltimore City Department of Transportation is partnering with Coppin Heights CDCCouncilman Nick Mosby (7th District)Druid Heights CDCNeighborhood Design Center, and Reservoir Hill Improvement Council to sponsor a series of visioning sessions along West North Avenue. This is an opportunity for all the communities and institutions stretching from Charles Street to Hilton Avenue to work together to create a North Avenue streetscape that best serves our communities. In the course of working together, we hope we’ll get to know each other as neighbors, and build new, creative relationships between our communities and institutions.

The workshops will look to gather opinions from all neighbors, including the following questions:

What kind of landscaping and lighting are desired?

How wide should North Avenue be?

How can it be more pedestrian and bicycle friendly?

What can be done to encourage local business to set up shop on North Avenue?

How can a new design help connect the communities along North Avenue in positive ways?

The workshop for the stretch of North Avenue from Charles Street to McCulloh Street will be held on:

Wednesday, 7 May; 5-9 pm

John Eager Howard Recreation Center

2100 Brookfield Avenue

Baltimore, MD, 21217

A free dinner will be served