Tree Identification Bands

You may have seen RHIC volunteers or staff members walking around the community taking pictures and notes about various trees. We’ve also built tree wells around trees on Whitelock Street that protect the tree. Now we have a way to individual mark each tree without harming the tree!

Over the past few months, we have been working with a couple of MICA students to design something that would identify and mark all the newly trees planted with various information about the tree. You will see on a few of the Black Gum trees throughout Reservoir Hill the tree ID bands pictured below:

On the tags are the tree species, year planted, and the ID number of each tree. This will help us keep track of each tree and its condition; the tree ID number will also give us a good idea of how close we are to reaching our goal of planting 1,000 new trees in the community (right now, we are at 476). This will also make it easier to locate individual trees if it needs watering, pruning, etc. We have put up a few bands to test to see how they stand up to storms, animals, and other possible harms. If you would like to help us with putting the bands on the trees (we’ve got nearly 500 to do), email Eli Lopatin at