Welcome Eli Lopatin to the RHIC Staff

Friends & Neighbors,

Reservoir Hill Improvement Council (RHIC) is excited to welcome Eli Lopatin to the RHIC staff as Neighborhood Initiatives Coordinator.   Eli is on duty as of today.

Many of you may know Eli from any number of roles he has played in Reservoir Hill; as the current President of the Whitelock Community Farm Board of Directors, the force behind the North Avenue Snowball stand and Bulb Planting outreach for the West North Avenue Streetscape Project, the former manager of the Lennox Street Community Garden, or his time with 7th District City Councilman Nick Mosby’s office, to name a few.

Over the years, RHIC’s initiatives have become increasingly integrated across program areas.  For instance, the redevelopment of John Eager School is clearly a School & Recreation initiative, but it is also a development initiative and, as a Maryland Green School, it’s also a greening initiative.  Before Erin Bowman left RHIC her title was being changed to reflect that integration.

In his position as Neighborhood Initiatives Coordinator Eli will be assuming responsibility for a number of such integrated initiatives, including the school redevelopment and healthy foods initiatives.

Eli has already been a wonderful asset for RHIC and the community of Reservoir Hill, and we look forward to his work as Neighborhood Initiatives Coordinator.  You can reach Eli at elopatin@reservoirhill.net