Can you help plant flower bulbs on North Avenue THIS SATURDAY?

THIS SATURDAY, the 15th of November, the West North Avenue Streetscape Project will be planting flower bulbs all along West North Avenue, both so that in the spring, when the new streetscape plan has been finalized, there will be visual evidence of the positive changes coming to North Avenue, and in order to continue to engage the daily users of the street.

Our snowball outreach effort for the West North Avenue Streetscape Project was a great success in collecting opinions from a number of individuals who use North Avenue but don't often attend community meetings.  We reached over 400 people over 5 days of tabling with the snowball machine!  We hope to add to that number with our bulb planting project.


It’ll be fun, you’ll meet great people,
and North Avenue will be alive with color in the spring!

We will be at each location listed below with bulbs, shovels, gloves, coffee and donuts.  Russ Moss from Reservoir Hill will be at each location to demonstrate a planting method that is quick, easy, and does not disturb much soil.

9:00 am - Near West - Meet at Mt. Royal and North Ave. to plant the median, working our way west.

10:00 am - Middle West - Meet at 1301 North Ave. (lot at SW corner of North and Druid Hill Ave) to plant that lot and others nearby, as time allows.

12:00 pm - Far West - Meet next to Walbrook Branch Library at North and Hilton to plant around the lot, and spread out to plant private yards along North Ave.

Hope to see you Saturday!

To RSVP or get more information, contact Eli Lopatin at 443.803.7851, or by email at