Working Across Borders: Improving Police-Community Relations and Access to Healthy Food in Central West Baltimore – 2 December

The following post has two important components:
1. Notice of the 2 December Reservoir Hill Community Meeting
2. An online community safety survey which we hope you will take a few minutes to complete


December Community Meeting

The neighborhoods of Central West Baltimore, north and south of North Avenue, share a range of common interests.  The initiative to create a new North Avenue streetscape has brought many of those active in neighborhoods north and south of North Avenue into a working relationship to foster changes that better link our communities.  Two efforts underway by activists throughout our neighborhoods are 1) increasing access to healthy food, particularly low-cost, high-quality produce, and 2) improving police-community relations.  At the December Reservoir Hill Community Meeting, we will jointly explore both of these initiatives.

Last April, No Boundaries Coalition and RHIC held a discussion at the April Reservoir Hill Community Meeting with Major Marcus and other Central District police personnel.  We were exploring ways of getting more patrol officers on foot in order to develop a better appreciation of our communities and closer relationships with neighbors.  Since then, residents north and south of North Avenue have continued discussions with both Western and Central districts.  With the redevelopment of John Eager Howard School, ultimately Westside School will close and some of their students will be attending John Eager Howard School.  Creating a safe streets strategy requires cooperation between Western and Central districts.  At the Reservoir Hill December Community Meeting, No Boundaries Coalition will speak with residents about your ideas for improving police-community relations over the long term in Western and Central Districts.  It is our hope that from this process we can develop a Central West Baltimore strategy that will result in safer streets and better relations between all sectors of our communities and the police.

Similarly, we hope to connect the various efforts underway to increase access to healthy food into a Central West Baltimore strategy.  We will be working with the Baltimore City Health Department and Johns Hopkins University.  At the December Community meeting, we will discuss the various efforts underway, ideas residents have for the initiative, and where your advocacy can help.

The meeting will open at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, 2 December 2014, at John Eager Howard Recreation Center, 2100 Brookfield Avenue.

Community Safety Survey

As part of the initiative to improve police-community relations, No Boundaries Coalition is conducting a listening campaign about police and resident relationships.  Completing the survey should only take a few minutes and your input will help greatly in crafting a proposal for improving police-community relationships.  A summary of responses to date will be included in the 2 December Reservoir Hill Community Meeting.

The online survey is available here:

Thank you for participating in the survey.