It feels good to be back

Volunteers mix cement to construct a recycled granite wall (4/12/14)

After a long, cold winter, it feels good to get outside! It feels even better to be able to actually build things with all the rocks we've collected, instead of just moving them around from pile to pile. This past weekend we worked with two local masons to help train neighbors (and especially young people) how to build park benches and walls with pieces of granite, concrete, and brick dug up from the old foundations of the original Whitelock store buildings. Our goal for these park installations is not only to provide folks with comfortable seating near newly planted trees, but also to continue to develop community projects that are built by the same people who will use them.

We hope we'll have many more opportunities for neighbors to join us at upcoming workshops this spring and summer!

Thanks to Byron for helping teach us how to "butter our bread" with mortar:

And thanks to Will for teaching us how to use all the debris we've collected (even plastic bottles filled with dirt) to build bench forms at the park entryway: