Reservoir Hill Flips the Power

elisa sculpture at farm
elisa sculpture at farm

Reservoir Hill resident Elisa Lane installs her kinetic sculpture, "Find Your Power", designed to encourage interest in alternative energy (10/5/2011)

Are you committed to using your power as an energy consumer and engaged community member to make a stronger and healthier Reservoir Hill?

In winter 2009-2010, in collaboration with Baltimore Neighborhood Energy Challenge, 100 households in Reservoir Hill made this commitment  and saved 11.2% on their home energy bill.

This year, through grant support from Baltimore Office of Sustainability and in partnership with Baltimore Energy Challenge, RHIC is excited to open this opportunity to all of Reservoir Hill!


Sign the "Flip the Power" Pledge and receive:

  • A step-by-step guide to saving hundreds of dollars a year on your BGE bill!
  • Comic strips designed by New Lens youth delivered to your house!
  • Give aways-- like New Lens designed and Reservoir Hill themed laundry bags!
  • A Project Lightbulb visit that provides: 15 CFL bulbs, 2 low flow faucet aerators, 1 low flow shower head, 1 insulating hot water heater wrap and up to 6 feet of accompanying hot water pipe insulation, and 1 CO/Smoke Detector!
  • Baltimore Energy Challenge kits including: a reusable grocery bag, an outdoor CFL light bulb, draft stopper gaskets for outlets, a first aid kit, a toilet tank bank, a light switch decal, and an energy savers guide!


You can. . .

  • Turn all the lights off before I leave you house for the day, and before you go to bed and save $20/bulb/year
  • Participate in Project Lightbulb and have 15 energy efficient light bulbs installed in your house at no chargeand save $105/bulb over its lifetime
  • Keep your window draperies and shades over sunny windows open during the day, but remember to close them at night for further insulation and take advantage of free solar heating
  • Lower the thermostat in your house by 5-10degreesat night and save $185/year
  • Shut off/unplug electrical devices such as computers, toasters, chargers, & televisions after using and take control of 20% of your BGEbill
  • Line dry your clothing and/or clean out the lint trap when you do use the dryer and save $300/year
  • Wash full loads clothing in cold water when you do laundry and save $100/year
  • Turn your dishwasher off “heated dry mode” and allow the dishes to air dry and save $50/year
  • Talk to your neighbors about how they can save money and energy like you and help make a stronger, healthier Reservoir Hill

To sign the pledge:  contact Erin Bowman at

, (410)225-7547, or stop by the Reservoir Hill Improvement Council office at 2001 Park Ave!