10/29/11 2nd Annual B'more Spooky Halloween Bike Ride

This summer we told you about two great bike rides (the 7/13/11 Bob Moore Memorial Midnight Ride and the 8/13/11 Charm City Garden Tour) that presented participants with new perspectives on Baltimore; we're now excited to announce a terrific bike ride for the Fall-- the 2nd Annual B'More Spooky Halloween Bike Ride on Saturday 10/29/11.  The ride is open to anyone who doesn't mind riding a bike while wearing a silly costume and who isn't scared of some of Baltimore's most ghostly places, including Edgar Allen Poe's headstone and the North Ave. cemetery.

Last year's ride at Edgar Allen Poe's headstone (10/30/10)

The ride will go for about 12 miles at an easy pace, and will end at one of Baltimore's best annual events--the Great Halloween Lantern Parade at Patterson Park. While it looks like the ride route will not be coming through Reservoir Hill, maybe we should remind people that the building atop the hill at 2001 Park Ave. is long rumored to have been haunted in the past.

2010 Patterson Park Lantern Parade (10/30/10)