Help us build a map of your favorite places in Central West Baltimore

The communities of Reservoir Hill, Bolton Hill, Madison Park, and other neighborhoods of Central West Baltimore are rich in amenities. If you live in Reservoir Hill, have you been to the bakery on Pennsylvania Avenue?  If you live in Bolton Hill, have you visited the Whitelock Community Farm Farm Stand?  We want residents in our neighborhoods to know what’s accessible to them right in their own backyard, and we want others thinking about moving into our neighborhoods to know everything our part of the city has to offer.  So, we ask you: 

Where do you go for pizza? Where do you meet friends for coffee? Where are the parks do you enjoy?  Where . . . ? 

Reservoir Hill Improvement Council and No Boundaries Coalition are working on an electronic map that will show a range of assets north and south of North Avenue from Charles Street west to Fulton Avenue.  Our idea is that people could go online and see where the coffee shops, pizza places, library, schools, parks, arts programs, etc are located and how far from their house those things are.  

Do you have any recommendations for places to include on the map?  It could be any kind of amenity that you think people would want to know about.

To add any restaurant, bakery, mechanic, place to donate things, hardware store, etc: send the name of the place, street address, and website to Rick Gwynallen at

Thank you for helping!