Our Mission

Founded in 1985, RHIC unites, empowers, and mobilizes residents and organizations to define and take action on issues common to the Reservoir Hill Community. 

Our Vision

We envision Reservoir Hill as a model of a vibrant urban community with excellent schools, safe streets, abundant green space and outdoor recreation areas, multiple opportunities for residents to interact, housing that meets the needs of growing families and a broad range of incomes, and a revitalization that benefits everyone.

Our Approach

The equitable development of urban communities requires a multi-faceted approach that prevents the alienation of poor and working class communities by connecting such communities to community planning, the broader region, economic improvements, and full engagement in democratic processes.

The foundation of RHIC’s approach is to aggregate the power of local associations and institutions by organizing a community-wide infrastructure through which we educate residents, train community leaders, promote mutual support among community associations, develop common perspectives and strategy, advocate to city and state leaders, and mobilize people in collective projects and campaigns grounded in economic and social equity.