We strongly believe that community members must contribute to decisions, policies and projects that impact their lives and ensure that design and planning efforts integrate local priorities and values, and model an equitable approach to planning. The foundation of RHIC’s organizing approach is a volunteer leadership team structure where board members of RHIC lead community members and volunteers to evaluate neighborhood needs and develop resident-led solutions. So far, these areas include:

- Neighborhood Greening that executes Reservoir Hill’s Master Green Plan for making our urban community more livable.

- Schools & Recreation that works to contribute to John Eager Howard Elementary community-school vision & the INSPIRE plan

- Housing & Development that advocates for policies and projects that ensure affordable housing and responsible development

- Forthcoming will be Community Safety & Age in Place initiatives

If you'd like to get involved with improving our neighborhood, fill out the form below. Whatever your specific interest and availability, we have a match. We welcome volunteers throughout the week, in the evenings, and on the weekends. There are many ways you can help, through single events or ongoing projects.

We work with individual volunteers as a well as groups from communities, churches, and corporations to plant trees, create parks on vacant lots, do neighborhood clean-ups, and much more.


Coming May 2017

Community Engagement Teams will be announced at the May 25th Community Meeting. Neighbors will be empowered to extend the mission of RHIC into our community working with other residents & connecting with city agencies, funders, board members, & other stakeholders who share the mission & vision of RHIC and our community. We hope you will join us in this work!


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