What would a West North Avenue look like that was pedestrian friendly? Bicycle friendly? inviting? Connected the communities along North Avenue in positive ways?

These are some of the questions being asked in a new project to create a new West North Avenue Streetscape from Charles Street west to Hilton.

A Pre-Release draft of the West North Avenue Streetscape Conceptual Master Plan
Has Just Been Released!
(1 July 2015)

To Download A Pre-release copy Click Here!


All along West North Avenue are vibrant communities.  North Avenue has often been a barrier between neighborhoods north and south of it, but it could help connect the neighborhoods in our part of the city, and be an exciting part of life in West Baltimore.

Coppin Heights CDC, Councilman Nick Mosby (7th District), Druid Heights CDC, Neighborhood Design Center, Reservoir Hill Improvement Council, and Baltimore City Department of Transportation have partnered in a project to redesign the West North Avenue Streetscape from Charles Street west to Hilton.

How do I participate? 

This project is ongoing in 2014, with numerous opportunities for public involvement.  Whether you live work, worship, shop, or play in the communities along West North Avenue we want your input on transforming North Avenue.  Our plan to have a draft streetscape plan in autumn 2014.

We live and work in a wonderful part of Baltimore City.  This is an opportunity for the communities and institutions along West North Avenue to work together to create a North Avenue streetscape that best serves our communities, and in the course of working together, get to know each other as neighbors, and build new, creative relationships between our communities and institutions.

Program contact: Rick Gwynallen, rgwynallen@reservoirhill.net